What Is OSM Australia?

OSM Australia is just a basic website to gather all the various Australian-related output from the OpenStreetMap project, and make it available from one place.

Initially, it was just going to be a second file mirror for Stevez's excellent Garmin maps created from the OSM data, and I had some spare web serving capacity to help out with that.

I also had some out of copyright street maps and other potentially useful stuff, and to be honest had a few too many ales one evening and decided to go the whole hog and create a proper website.

So, $6 dollars worth of domain registration and $40 worth of beer later, here it is...

News - 22 Mar 09

  • I've spent the weekend rebuilding the way the maps are generated, moving the whole shooting match to my new Quad core machine, and I've even got as far as adding a new map type for Australia (a no name set) as well as a complete set of maps for our cousins across the ditch (NZ)

  • The routable maps should now work a bit better - I'm going straight from the OSM format to routable maps, rather than via the Polish format. Give them a fly, and tell me what you think.

  • Lastly, my little site is now a year old... and it seems that at least one person out there uses it, as there have been thousands of map downloads over the past year.

    News - 17 Jan 09

  • Got some brand new, and I guess old, maps to use as street name references. Thanks to Cameron we are proud to present the 1949 Gregory's Street Directory of Adelaide. Go here for a further sticky beak at the maps.
  • News - 14 Jan 09

  • My work computer that creates the maps crashed while I was on holidays, so no maps were created for about 10 days (all fixed now). Sorry about that.
  • News - 26 Dec 08

  • The routable maps are now being created nightly like the rest of the map sets - this has been happening for a bit, but I forgot to update the web page
  • News - 9 Dec 08

  • Added some experimental routable maps to try out. Give them a fly (link on the downloads page)
  • News - 8 Dec 08

  • Bit late but it's all fixed and working again AFAIK.
  • News - 11 Nov 08

  • Once again, I've got issues with the files - dodgy change files or something. Anyway, I'm working on getting it sorted at the moment. But until then, unfortunately the Garmin maps and the AU planet files aren't available.
  • News - 15 Sep 08

  • I've added a link to Dooghan's Contours Australia topo maps. I had a crack at creating these a while ago, and never really got it finished (typical). But Dooghan has, and they're transparent, 10m contours based off the SRTM data. Be warned though, it's 630Mb